Dear Sunset Cove Owners,

The board wants to remind all owners of the following regulations.  

The Sunset Cove Condominium & Real Estate Lots Rules & Regulations prohibit boats (includes jet skis) and trailers, (includes construction equipment) parked on the streets, in driveways or lots of Sunset Cove.  Also, storage containers, tubs and buckets cannot be stored on decks and carports.  

Attached is a copy of the rules:  

  • No Owner shall store boats, trailers, mobile homes, recreation vehicles, buses and the like on Sunset Cove property except in garages or for a short time in the clubhouse parking lot after obtaining permission from the Property Manager. RV’s, boats, etc. may be parked at multi-family units or homes for a short period of time for loading or unloading of goods. Boat trailers only may be stored in a designated area after obtaining permission by the Property Manager. 
  • Personal property of all Sunset Cove Owner’s shall be stored within their units, or in storage areas that are attached to and included in the legal description of the Owner’s property. Open back decks of multi-family units are not a designated storage area for long term storage. 
  • Sidewalks, walkways and entrances of multi-family units must not be obstructed or encumbered or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress. Bicycles, wagons, golf carts or other objects of similar type and/or nature shall not be left therein. 

Unless otherwise stated, violation of any of the aforesaid Rules and Regulations will be subject to the following fine structure: 

$50 first offense
$100 second offense
$200 third and subsequent offenses. 

The offending owners will get a notice in the next few days.  Following the notice, if not removed, a fine will be levied.  

Sunset Cove Board of Directors

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