Clubhouse Rules


“Property Owner” shall be defined as those adults paying C.O.A. dues and are current in their dues payment.

Any Sunset Cove adult property owner reserving the clubhouse for use shall be responsible for the actions of the group or individuals of the group and shall abide by the following rules:

  1. A deposit of $225.00 is required at the time of the reservation and shall be disbursed as follows:

    Three separate checks shall be written to the C.O.A.
    – One check in the amount of $25.00 – non-refundable
    – One check in the amount of $75.00 to be held for damages and/or cleaning
    – One check in the amount of $125.00 for damages and/or cleaning over $75.00.
    It is understood that, if damages occur or cleaning is needed after the event, the property owner who reserved the clubhouse is financially responsible for all payment of repairs/cleaning. If said repairs/cleaning is in excess of the $200.00 refundable deposit, the property owner will reimburse the C.O.A. within 10 days of the repairs/cleaning.
    If there is no damage or cleaning needed, the $200.00 refundable deposit will be returned to the adult property owner within 10 days of the event.

  2. Any owner reserving the clubhouse is responsible for pre-cleaning as well as post-cleaning and will bear the expense of said cleaning if outside services are contracted to do the work.

  3. The Sunset Cove property owner signing the reservation agreement must be present at the function. Adult property owners must be present to supervise all parties.

  4. No alcoholic beverages may be served to minors. No excessive noise or rowdiness will be permitted.

  5. In accordance with local fire regulations, the maximum number of 196 persons in the clubhouse will be respected at all times.

  6. Wet suits and wet towels are NOT permitted in the clubhouse area, except for the restrooms/showers/pool areas.

  7. Children under the age of 12 are NOT allowed to use the pool, hot tub, or sauna, without adult supervision.

  8. The exercise room and equipment are not for use during these functions.

  9. Children attending these functions are to be closely supervised at all times.

  10. Sunset Cove C.O.A., the C.O.A. Property Manager, or C.O.A. employees are not responsible for the security of any items that you or your guests bring into or leave at the clubhouse.

  11. There is no smoking in the clubhouse.

  12. A copy of this agreement will be reviewed, signed, and filed in the homeowner’s file at the time the reservation is made and the deposits are taken.


Below is a downloadable version of these rules: