Tick Season

It is tick season. This year is particularly bad. Please treat your animals and apply tick repellant when you are outdoors. The tick pictured above is called the Lonestar Tick. It is known to cause several illnesses including an allergy to meat. There are residents in the Cove that have developed this allergy and it …

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Reuse, reduce, Recycle

Sunset Cove participates in cardboard recycling.  The recycling bin is at the end of condominium building 5.  Please break down your boxes and place them in the recycling bin.  We ask that you do not put carboard boxes in the garbage dumpsters.  As we approach the “season,” the dumpsters will fill quickly.  Using the cardboard …

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Pool Tournament

This years pool tournament was held on March 12 and the winners were Rich Grace and Dan Hughes. The Fall tournament is scheduled for Oct 8. Put it on your calendar as an opportunity to come out and meet your neighbors. More info will come out closer to the date.

Quiet Hours!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T We talked today at our association meeting about being “respectful” and “neighborly.”  Condo life is very different from living in a home. We hear YOUR television, alarms, footsteps, etc. We SMELL what you cook and SMOKE. Sunset Cove long ago drafted Quiet Hours long before there were “Home Theater, Subwoofers, and Sound Bars.”  Our hope is neighbors are …

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